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Elemental Life

Live nature's wisdom in your own unique way

Holistic, personalised guidance from the wisdom of Ayurveda, to support you within your unique modern day life.  Reconnect and relearn your birth right on this earth: to live in harmony with mother nature and your own true nature,  so you can once again thrive in life and truly bloom where you are planted.

elemental life rosemary

Ayurveda empowers you to become your own best doctor, teacher & healer

The Ayurvedic approach to health is empowering in that it is for those who are motivated to learn about their own unique and unchanging mind-body constitution through the principles of Ayurveda. Using this information, you can recognise when you go out of balance, with the ability to bring yourself back into balance before disease takes hold.

By making simple yet impactful changes to daily routines & diet, you can treat your health problems at their root, rather than merely treating symptoms. Everything is connected! Ayurveda treats a person holistically, meaning that it treats at the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels to bring you back to wholeness and health.

Elemental Life

What The Clients Are Saying

"Lisa’s teaching is always kind, gentle and very inclusive regardless of the make up of the group. I also love the variety of the content of each class. Every class is different. My mind and body feel so much better after a class - nurtured, contented and stretched. I would thoroughly recommend her."

Karen Hamilton

"I have attended yoga with Lisa for 5 years. It has given me many additional tools for-my tool box when life is feeling unmanageable. Lisa has a beautiful presence and the ability to read what the members of her class need on any given day. Lisa’s classes continue to be an absolute blessing in my world."

Kirsty Solomon

"Lisa is always very professional, highly organised and welcoming. I appreciate her approach which includes a particular focus for each class and follows a theme. Lisa imparts a great deal of knowledge to us, which is very beneficial. The Yoga class is always a very positive experience with lots of variety and of a very high standard. We are very privileged and fortunate to have the opportunity to have Lisa as our teacher."

Josie Crooks

"I found it really helpful having Lisa spend time and discussing with me my lifestyle and how I could use her knowledge and guidance to enhance my health and well being. The advice and reasoning she gave had led to much improved digestion and a better balance of exercise activities. The food and recipe suggestions are great and I'm enjoying exploring a wider variety of food styles. "

Mary Fahey

"My consultation has resulted in an in-depth personalised plan offering new and varied approaches to daily routines in both lifestyle and diet. These are accompanied by written explanations, recipes and information helping me to understand more fully the value of making such changes over time. Lisa is always readily available for ongoing advice and support which is appreciated."

Gill Robertson

"The Ayurvedic consultation and programme Lisa set up for me has enabled me to become more aware of the foods which are beneficial for my body. I am now more conscious of the impact certain foods have on my body and how I feel in general. This is encouraging me to make healthier choices that suit my body type. "

Janette Mackle

"I have been attending Lisa’s classes for more than ten years. I am 80 and have had a tough ten years full of loss and change. I can really feel the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of the practice of yoga under Lisa’s very skilled guidance. My body is more flexible than it was all those years ago and I love how I feel after the sessions on the mat. Those feelings of peace and calm are always with me these days, there in the background as I go about my daily life."

Anne Cloonan

"Ayurveda has given me new ways at looking at my health, diet and lifestyle. The personalised client report gave me a load of fresh information and suggestions to consider. The opportunity to choose what is best for me to gradually implement has happened without any undue compulsion or pressure from my Ayurveda consultant. I am pleased to have started on this healthy, life giving journey."

Ken Fahey

"I came to Lisa's class because I had found out that she would work safely with me as an older woman. I did not want any injuries. In her way of teaching, she respects the abilities of each person and encourages us all to accept our own. Doing yoga with Lisa has helped me be more present to my life, to myself and to my own body. I am more self-accepting. I have learned and consolidated techniques of breathing and relaxation that serve me well in the many stressful situations that arise in my life. I am much better at managing my anxiety."

Sandra Winton

"I felt extremely welcomed and relaxed during my marma massage."

Janine Casey

"Lisa's classes have helped me live in the moment and given me a serenity I lacked. She has taught me to listen to my body and spirit."

John Chapman

"Lisa's yoga sessions are awesome. She guides, suggests and encourages participants with her delightful sense of fun so we leave a yoga session feeling relaxed and balanced."

Mary Fahey

"I value highly, Lisa’s knowledge, experience and wisdom and the thoughtful, intuitive ways in which she shares it with such warmth and authenticity."

Christine Barnsley

"Lisa talked me through the process and was so professional in her approach… the massage was both relaxing and invigorating."

Janette Mackle

"Lovely shirodhara treatment, deeply relaxing and my nerves are restored!"

Julie Grace